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The Latest in Precision Agriculture Technology Since 2006.

Do you know the most effective way to maximize your crop production? We do. At Precision Ag Services, we help farmers use data to improve processes, increase production, and achieve higher profits.

About Us

Precision Ag Services provides agronomic consulting supported by the latest advancements in precision agriculture technology. Serving Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, we prepare farmers for success with guidance and recommendations grounded in over 35 years of agricultural industry experience. 

Our mission is to provide you with personalized customer service to maximize efficiency in your farming program.



At Precision Ag Services, we utilize a number of precision farming techniques and technologies to help you improve your crop production including:

  • Ag Leader GPS Systems
  • Smart Soil Sampling, Conventional, Tissue, and PSNT Test
  • Prescription Writing
  • Comprehensive Yield Analysis
  • Camera Systems
  • Our Farm Advisor Program
  • Graham
  • Data Analysis
  • In-Field Combine Calibrations

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