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Why Is It Important?

The first day of planting every spring, you go through the ritual of digging seed to be sure you are putting it at the proper depth. It goes without saying that shallow planted seed stunts the growth of corn and seriously affects germination.

Deeper planted corn can give variable emergence, especially in our cooler soils of Northern Ohio and Southern Michigan.


The problem is when you set your planters depth, it is based on the area you set it in. In our region, the glacier left us with a whole mess of variable soil types, in many cases 20-30 different soil types.



The solution is simple Hydraulic Down Force from Ag Leader.



Hydraulic Down Force from Ag Leader


  • Consistent seed depth: Monitors and applies down force to maintain consistent seed depth
  • Faster response: Overcomes shortcoming of depth control on air bag systems through instantaneous reponse. Improves performance of high speed planters with standard air bags.
  • Dampening effect: Smoother row unit ride means better singulation and seed spacing.
  • Row by row sensing: Measures down force needs of each row to account for frequent varying field conditions.
  • 8 section control: Allows operator to apply varying pressure across heavier spots or areas where there is more compaction
  • ISOBUS functionality: Compatible with any VT capable display.
  • Stress minimizing accumulator: Allows unit to freely travel over obstacles in the field, relieves unnecessary stress on unit.



  • Get an average 11 bushel increase using an active hydraulic downforce system. ¹
  • If the seed does not emerge within 4-7 days, that plant actually becomes a weed and reduces the yield potential of neighboring plants.
  • Delayed emergence of even just a quarter of the field can result in 6-10% yield loss.²
  • Gain 1500 ears/acre using hydraulic down force.³

Sources: 1 Becks 5-year Study. 2 Iowa State University Trial. 3 OnFarm Research Study.


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