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Precision Fertilizer Application with Ag Leader

DirectCommand™ has revolutionized the application management process, giving you reliable application rate control that will help you minimize waste.


Application Rate Control with DirectCommand™

Realize complete control over liquid and granular application when you implement DirectCommand into your agrochemical application processes. No matter what you use for application – NH3 toolbar, Liquid N sidedress unit, sprayer, spreader, electric starter fertilizer pump – DirectCommand can help you gain better, more accurate control over application rates.

DirectCommand™ Benefits


  • Eliminate overapplication, overlap, spray drift and application gaps.
  • Increase productivity during tight application windows.
  • Reduce fuel costs and field compaction by applying multiple products at one time.
  • Target product application through crop sensing and prescription application strategies.
  • Document all field application data and provide simple reporting.


DirectCommand™ Features


  • Liquid application
  • Spinner spreader control
  • Strip till application
  • OptRx crop sensors
  • Boom height control


Return on Investment using DirectCommand™: Growers' Perspectives

ISOBUS Liquid System for Application Rate Control

The DirectCommand™ ISOBUS Liquid system allows for even tighter application control to meet today’s challenges.

Total Liquid Application Control

Easy-to-Use: Set up the UT sprayer configuration quickly and easily with the unique Load-and-Go feature. Plus, our tank mix menu has been updated with a simpler design for ease of use while still offering the detailed information you require.

Improved Coverage: It’s easy to determine droplet size with the Droplet Size Monitoring feature that allows you to customize the system with your spray tip characteristics. You can quickly and easily manage spray drift and ensure proper chemical efficacy.

Application Rate Control: Our system uses the more accurate feedback of the pressure sensor versus the flow meter when the target rate is small or when most of the boom sections are off. This rate of control helps ensure proper application rates at all times.

Advanced Features: 36-section boom valve support; DirectCommand™ supports more shutoff sections than ever before. Support for a wide variety of UT displays, control valves, flow meters, temperature sensors and pressure sensors ensures the compatibility you need.

Enhanced Documentation: AgFiniti® Mobile and SmartReports™ are two tools that make application documentation simple.

Increased Reliability: Internally tested over several thousand acres and numerous Universal Terminals, the ISOBUS Liquid Control Module comes standard with the proven reliability synonymous with the Ag Leader name.