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Introducing RTK GPS

Real Time Kinematic or RTK satellite navigation helps you increase the precision of data received from GPS. RTK provides real-time corrections so that you have the highest accuracy available in GPS technology.


Precision Ag Services offers a subscription services to our RTK GPS system: Precision Ag Services PAS RTK.

  • 450 MHz
  • Strongest Signal
  • No Repeaters
  • No Cell Drops
  • No DOT Outs

PAS RTK Coverage Area

When you use our technology services combined with our GPS system PAS RTK (that guides you within an inch of your location) your efficiency is maximized – this means higher yields and improved profits!

PAS RTK Coverage Area

Tile Installation

Tile Installation refers to the installation of drainage tile below the surface of your fields. Installing a drainage system can be a large undertaking and a significant investment. But the savings are worth it!

Tile Installation consists of three steps:

What is RTK GPS?

RTK is a GPS technology that offers the highest accuracy available in GPS technology.

RTK GPS can be used to complement other Ag Leader products like displays and guidance & steering options.

Benefits of RTK GPS

RTK combines GPS satellite data with a ground station in the same location as the user to broadcast a correction via radio or cellular data connection. The increased accuracy is possible because the ground station is broadcasting from an area within miles of the rover; therefore the conditions of the two are virtually the same negating accuracy compromising differences in the atmosphere. With this technology it is possible to achieve sub-inch pass-to-pass accuracy and year-to-year repeatability.

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