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Water Management Solutions

Water is vital to your business. That’s why Precision Ag offers Water Management Solutions to farmers and agricultural workers. Our focus is on tile installation and drainage to remove excess water from the soil.

What is Water Management?

When your water management system is precise, your crops will be stronger and healthier. You’ll enjoy larger yields of better crops.

Tile Drainage

Tile Drainage is a type of drainage system used to reduce soil moisture levels for a better crop yield. The drainage system consists of a series of pipes below-ground that drains water from the field. A correctly installed tile drainage system removes excess water below the surface of soil, and is the preferred method of water management, compared to alternatives such as pumping or ditches.

Tile Installation

Tile Installation refers to the installation of drainage tile below the surface of your fields. Installing a drainage system can be a large undertaking and a significant investment. But the savings are worth it!

Tile Installation consists of three steps:

  • Survey –Using technology from Ag Leader, specifically the RTK GPS, we take a profile of the soil in your field so that we know the best areas for tile placement.
  • Plan – Next, we ensure the best placement of tile in your field for optimal water management.
  • Install – We install your drainage tile using the specific plan we created for your field and soil.

Reasons to Tile Your Field

The main reason to tile your field is your bottom line. A well-tiled field improves water management and allows you to create better soil. Better soil means healthier crops and larger yields. It also means more profit and reduced costs overall.

Higher Yields & Healthier Crops

Installing drainage tile beneath the surface of your field helps you manage water and grow more, higher quality, crops overall. How does this happen?

Tile Installation increases yields and helps you grow healthier crops in a variety of ways. It can even increase your yield in dry years.

Tile Drainage and Installation leads to better soil, overall. It warms your soil faster, so that you can plant earlier. Tile Drainage reduces soil compaction and increases aeration, creating a healthier soil structure and more consistent seed stands. It also protects against soil erosion.

Drainage also allows your crops to grow larger, deeper roots and creates an improved environment for beneficial soil microorganisms and earthworms. This type of system also lowers the loss of beneficial nitrogen and even removes harmful toxins from your soil.

Increased Yield Chart

The following chart is from Ag Leader:

How tiling can pay for itself in increased yieldCorn*Soybeans*Wheat**
Avg. gain in production with tile installed (bu/ac)24118
Avg. market value of grain$4.50$11$7.50
Net additional profit per year$108/acre$121/acre$60/acre

*The Ohio State University Bulletin 871-98
**Various university studies

Increase Profits & Lower Costs

Larger yields and better crops aren’t the only reason we recommend Tile Drainage and Tile Installation. This type of water management system impacts your profits – in a positive way!

With a more consistent yield, you’ll have a more dependable cash flow.

Tile Installation is a one-time expense; once it’s installed, you can enjoy the benefits for XXXX. Tile Drainage lowers drying costs, machinery costs, and even lowers your break-even price per bushel. You’ll discover profit at the top end and more days of machinery operation, too.


We also offer the RTK GPS by Ag Leader. Learn more about this product.

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