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Now is the time to start thinking about your anhydrous application.  Re-blogging this article from Ag-Leader.  Have a look!   Click here to see how Ag Leader can improve your Anhydrous Application!


  Please take a moment to read and follow the outcome.   http://www.precisionag.com/technology/equipment/deere-ag-leader-planter-tech-agreement-adds-choices-could-alter-discussion-on-doj-challenge/  


   Harvest time is quickly approaching!  Check out the article from Ag Leader’s INSIGHTS for tips on a successful harvest.  Make sure you are getting the most out of your Ag Leader technologies.  Please click here: Ag Leader Insight for the full article and more additional great information.  Preparation for next year’s harvest is already starting with… Continue Reading >

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Wheat field

Women can have a valuable impact on the agribusiness industry. Currently, the 5th annual Women In Agribusiness (WIA) is going on 9/27-9/29 in the heart of downtown Chicago, where Ag Leaders from across the country will lead discussions on how all areas of agriculture can be influenced, including crop yield.

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