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The Lenawee Conservation District’s Center for Excellence is hosting its annual field day on Wednesday, August 19th. Drawing between 300 and 500 people each year, the event is a major agricultural summit among residents of Michigan and Ohio. Established in 1997 as a forum to showcase applied agricultural research to benefit members of the local… Continue Reading >

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Have you ever wondered how to exact a higher yield from your farming efforts, but lacked the depth of information needed to make crop management decisions? If your traditional farming methods aren’t producing the results you’re looking for, it might be time to consider a new approach: Precision Agriculture. What is Precision Agriculture? Definitions of… Continue Reading >

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Precision farming technology has been at the forefront of the farming revolution and in recent years, unmanned aerial vehicles or drones have become increasingly popular among precision farmers. Precision farming drones are a useful tool for identifying issues with crops before the problems become severe and may increase crop yields by 10%. A brief history… Continue Reading >

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Ag Leader Intergra - Learn More | Precision Ag Services

If you’re a precision farmer, then you understand how important it is to formulate an effective crop management strategy. Utilizing the right technology is key in determining which conditions are relatively stable, which conditions change, and which crops are thriving or struggling during the growing season. The Ag Leader Integra display puts cutting-edge precision farming… Continue Reading >

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Are you ready to integrate new agricultural technology into your farming practices, but aren’t sure where to start? Precision Ag Services offers Farm Advisor Programs in which we work one-one-one with local farmers to help combine precision technology with farming. We will conduct field testing and analysis and provide solutions that will help maximize yield… Continue Reading >

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There are still a lot of naysayers out there who doubt the efficacy of variable rate planting. Throughout history, whole field management has been the primary farming method. Often times, what holds farmers back from utilizing variable rate planting is the fact that they don’t know whether it’s worth the investment. It’s true that variable… Continue Reading >