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Yield loss to poor singulation is one of the biggest profit drains in corn production. Unlike the weather, you can control it!

The charts below are very typical. I have seen very similar results year after year.

sing1 sing2

Here are some ways you can improve your singulation:

  • Plant the correct speed for your planter (document so you know, every planter is different)
  • Use electric or hydraulic drives
  • Check all chains and bearings to remove vibration
  • Plant on smooth ground
  • Use swath control so your planter is at proper speed and planting depth when it starts planting
  • Use downforce (hydraulic preferred)
  • Use the proper seed size for your planter
  • Be sure your seed is sized right and consistent in the bag
  • Use talc when needed
  • Use a seed monitor that displays and records your singulation in real time!



Your All In One Display

InCommand 1200 can do it all.

Our smartest, simplest, most flexible display ever. Loaded with advanced features and user-friendly functionality you’ve come to expect from Ag Leader.


  • Tablet-like interaction
  • Touch and go homescreen apps
  • Split screen view
  • Row by row mapping
  • Integrated lightbar
  • Advanced planter control
  • Year-round functionality
  • ISOBUS/Universal Terminal/Task Controller
  • WiFi adapter included
  • Syncs data, maps with iPad using AgFiniti Mobile


About Precision Ag Services

Precision Ag Services combines more than 30 years of agronomic experience with the latest GPS technologies to help farmers in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio maximize their crop yield. An authorized dealer of Ag Leader products, Precision Ag Services can help you get started with the tools you need to make crop insurance reporting simple! For more data driven solutions, contact our team online or give us a call at (419) 490-8129 today!

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