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  Please take a moment to read and follow the outcome.   http://www.precisionag.com/technology/equipment/deere-ag-leader-planter-tech-agreement-adds-choices-could-alter-discussion-on-doj-challenge/  


Why Is It Important? The first day of planting every spring, you go through the ritual of digging seed to be sure you are putting it at the proper depth. It goes without saying that shallow planted seed stunts the growth of corn and seriously affects germination. Deeper planted corn can give variable emergence, especially… Continue Reading >

precision agriculture gps

Have you ever wondered how to exact a higher yield from your farming efforts, but lacked the depth of information needed to make crop management decisions? If your traditional farming methods aren’t producing the results you’re looking for, it might be time to consider a new approach: Precision Agriculture. What is Precision Agriculture? Definitions of… Continue Reading >

white drone over field | Precision Ag Services

Precision farming technology has been at the forefront of the farming revolution and in recent years, unmanned aerial vehicles or drones have become increasingly popular among precision farmers. Precision farming drones are a useful tool for identifying issues with crops before the problems become severe and may increase crop yields by 10%. A brief history… Continue Reading >

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